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認識「伍少梅中學」系列(二)——幸福校園(Well-being School)


透過幸福校園計劃和提供多元化的健康學習經歷(Well-being Learning Experience, WLE),全面照顧同學在身體、心靈和社交健康的需要。


DSE考生回校領准考證 獲贈「幸福工具箱」打氣

伍少梅中學非一般健身室 健身同時「健心」培養學生品格

天主教慈幼會伍少梅中學 疫情無情 教師有情 逆境學生見真情

NSM believes that the school is not solely a place for students to learn subject knowledge, but also an important learning platform to explore students’ potential and interests, so that they can demonstrate their strength to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual health. We aim to create different opportunities for students to apply what they have learnt into practice.

More importantly, we cultivate students to be both morally and socially responsible contributors to help people in need in the society. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people in the community.

Through providing a diversified and holistic Well-being Learning Experience (WLE), the needs of students in physical, mental and social well-being are thoroughly taken care of.

We sincerely hope that we could share the same belief with our parents and colleagues to cultivate our future leaders of Hong Kong. Attached please find some relevant news articles for your reference so that you can know more about us.

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