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School visits from 2 Singaporean schools, St. Joseph's Institution and North Vista Secondary School

On 13th and 15th November, our school teachers and 16 S3-S5 students welcomed their Singaporean counterparts from St. Joseph's Institution and North Vista Secondary School respectively. Both teachers and students enjoyed some great time in the learning exchange visit. Student ambassadors take the initiative to demonstrate how our school campus is carefully designed to achieve the goal of a future, community and well-being school.

Visit from St. Joseph's Institution

During the visit to St. Joseph's Institution, students participated in a visual arts class focused on optical arts. They had the opportunity to create artwork that showcased elements from their respective countries. Some SJI students chose to draw iconic symbols of Singapore such as the Merlion, ArtScience Museum, and the national flower. On the other hand, our fellow students opted for representations of Hong Kong culture, including pineapple buns, the city flowers, and a vibrant dragon dance.

Visit from North Vista Secondary School

North Vista Secondary School students enthusiastically participated in engaging workshops focused on coding and a Robotmaster program. These workshops provided innovative learning experiences that challenged the students while also capturing their interest. The students thoroughly enjoyed attending the workshops and had a great time tackling the various difficulties they encountered along the way.

Our school teachers also exchanged insights about teaching and learning with the Singaporean fellows. To put things in a nutshell, while students developed cultural awareness and friendship during all wonderful learning activities, teachers gained inspirations through the professional experience exchange.

Thank you students and teachers of St. Joseph's Institution and North Vista Secondary School for visiting our campus. We look forward to meeting you all again!




與此同時,我校老師與當地同工交流學與教的經驗。這兩次交流中,學生得以擴闊視野,了解不同文化及建立珍貴友誼,而老師亦於活動中進行了專業交流。 我們想藉此感謝新加坡聖若瑟書院及德新中學的老師和學生到訪本校。我們期待與你們再次相見!

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