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A Word A Day English Vocabulary Booklet - A Solution to catering for learner diversity in the H.K.

As the Core School of the Quality Education Fund Thematic Network (QTN) Project: Web-based Learning for Students with Diverse Needs (Reading & Writing) at the Junior Secondary Level, our English Department has worked in collaboration with the Education University of Hong Kong to produce the first vocabulary learning booklet and the eBook of the series to support students with different needs and styles to build a solid foundation for learning the language.

The official Book Launch for the A Word A Day English Vocabulary Booklet was held successfully on 15 December 2021. We were delighted to see different stakeholders such as English Panel Heads and Teachers, Education Psychologists, SENCOs and Speech Therapists in the event.

A class of students with a shaky foundation in English was invited to attend the reinforcement course. Pre-tests and Post-tests were conducted and we discovered that less able students have improved their abilities in terms of ‘Semantics’, ‘Phonetics’, ‘Spelling’ and ‘Writing’ by 15%, 13% 49% & 31% respectively. The results have shown that students have had significant improvement in English Language after using the A Word A Day English Vocabulary Booklet.

Our School would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Ho Fuk Chuen of ( Chief Consultant of QTN Project), Ms. Lee Suk Han (Education Psychologist; Project Consultant) for their support to our English Team in catering to learner differences.

As a community school, we will continue to produce and publish a series of English Learning materials of local context as a solution to cater for learner diversity and share the. resources with local primary schools in the near future.

本校英文科團隊與香港教育大學合作製作及出版了以香港為背景的英語詞彙學習手冊系列的第一本 A Word A Day 英語一日一詞學習手冊及電子版,以支持有不同需要和學習風格的高小及初中學生,在英文學習路上奠定穩固的基礎。

新書發布會已於 2021 年 12 月 15 日順利在本校的 iLab 舉行。作為 <<照顧初中學生個別差異的閱讀與寫作網絡學習計劃>>的核心學校,我們很高興看到不同學校及持份者如英文科科主任、教育心理學家、特殊教育需要統籌主任和言語治療師等到場支持。

本校邀請了一班英語能力稍遜的同學在上學期試讀了相關課程,經過前測和後測比較後,發現同學在“語義”、“語音”、“串字” 和 “作句”方面的能力分別提高了 15%、13%、49% 和 31%。結果顯示,同學使用 A Word A Day 英語一日一詞學習手冊後英語能力有顯著的提升。



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