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6A 莊宇輝同學今午獲邀出席香港電台《精靈一點》節目

6A 莊宇輝同學今午獲邀出席香港電台《精靈一點》節目,分享他參與保良局方樹福堂兒童及青少年發展中心「老幼勁舞團」計劃的經歷與得著。



Our student Chong Yu Fai from 6A was invited to attend one of the RTHK's program yesterday afternoon to share his experience from participating in the "Intergenerational Dance Troupe", one of the projects being organized by Po Leung Kuk F.S.F.T. Children & Youth Development Centre.

Yu Fai is the youngest student in "Intergenerational Dance Troupe". He is keen on using dancing as a channel to encourage young people to build a loving relationships with the elderly. Through taking part in this Troupe, young people could attain mutual learning and enhance interaction with the elderly.

Please enjoy the interview playback with the following link:

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