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From 27 July to 22 August 2020, ten of our S.1-2 students were so fortunate to have a chance to participate in a 24-day English enrichment programme co-organized by English WeCan and the Education University.  It was a very precious opportunity as students could maximize their summer break for learning. 


This year, due to the COVID-19 issue, the learning had to be done online.  The online mode apparently illustrated the greater effort the organizers and the tutors put in.  From the feedback of both teachers and students, it was evident that the programme was beneficial to students and it was worth joining.  Ms Ko was particularly impressed by the students’ speaking presentation during the Grand Finale on 22 August 2020.


Thanks English WeCan and the Education University for providing students with such a gorgeous learning opportunity!


Outstanding Learning Attitude           Lo Shun Yin盧信言

Outstanding Learning Attitude           Yip Chi Shing葉智成

Outstanding Improvement               Yip Chi Shing葉智成

Outstanding Learning Attitude            Lin Qin林欽

Most Organized                      Wong Hon Pan王漢彬

Best Improvement                    Zhuang Wei Tao庄維濤

Most Attentive                       Gu Tsz Tsan 古梓燦

Best Improvement Award
Zhuang Wei Tao庄維濤

Before I had joined an English class, my English wasn't very good. Since participating in a summer course, I have learned a lot of new vocabulary. I think the teaching is good and the method is efficient. The books are also very interesting. This year we aren't studying at campus, but through online lessons at home. It's a really special experience and we have all been taking our learning seriously, together. I think the summer course should continue and I hope I can resume taking the program again, if I have the opportunity.

Outstanding Learning Attitude  Award &

Outstanding Improvement
Yip Chi Shing  葉智成

Four weeks of an intensive, four hour daily course on weekdays, myself & three other students from different schools, studied with a new English teacher from the Education University in Project WeCan. We have all built up a deep friendship.  I liked learning online with the other group members, and the teacher led us four students very well. I hoped this learning environment would last forever, but the reality is cruel! We can't learn together unless I will be given another chance next year. Goodbye to my teacher and friends. I will miss you all very much & I hope to meet you again in the course next year.

Outstanding Learning Attitude  Award
Lin Qin林欽


This summer I enrolled in an online English course held by the group called WeCan. I was very lucky to attend the course as it was free of charge. During the lessons I learned many new words. The tutor taught us carefully and patiently. I was really happy to learn together with the other group members from other secondary schools. I think the program was very good.

Outstanding Learning Attitude  Award

Lo Shun Yin盧信言

In this one month long English training course, I met many students from different schools. At the beginning of the English program, I was so shy that I dared not to speak. Now, after the course, I dare to speak and ask questions in public. I learned a lot of knowledge during the course series and had a good time. After the classes together, our group members became good friends. I hope we'll see one another in person someday.

Most Attentive Award
Gu Tsz Tsan 古梓燦

I am very happy that the school has given me an opportunity to participate in this course for free during this summer. The teachers taught us many interesting vocabulary through various books. In addition, I made many new friends. Students who would like to join this course should act quickly. 

Most Organized Award


Initially, I was not interested in the summer English Bridging Course. However, I changed my mind after joining this course. I learned a lot of vocabulary and gradually started to like it. I continued learning with my group members. Finally, I was awarded as the Most Organised Student. I was surprised yet motivated. I encourage everyone to enrol in such English courses for a better understanding of English language.


My impression of this course:


1. Well-structured lessons to link all the idea in a natural way for the students to have a better understanding.


2. The ideas were well presented by the teachers in smaller parts. Students were taught the ideas step by step which made interactive and fun.


3. The expansion of knowledge was just right. The teachers discussed the concepts prior to introducing the new topics, which reduced any learning difficulties of the students.



From this summer English course, I have learned a lot of new vocabulary. I think this will be very useful to me when I'm looking for a job or talking with my friends. Thanks to English WeCan for providing us with this opportunity to learn more English. Thanks to my online tutor and my group members for teaching me as well as learning English with me this summer.

Wei Mingzhi 衛明志


This was my first time to join an online English course organized by WeCan. I learned a lot of English knowledge and vocabulary. I used to learn by myself when I was on the mainland, but the efficiency was not good. After joining the program, I found the tutor was responsible. The teacher answered my questions patiently and explained everything to me clearly. The textbooks were very interesting. Out of the selection, I liked the one about medicine the most. The most unforgettable part of the course was the speech preparation. I was quite nervous because I thought my abilities in English speaking and listening were weak. I could only speak very slowly because I had understood a little of what I had listened to. I hope I will have another chance to learn in this kind of English class. I want to try my best to improve my English and reach my goals.


There was no difficulty for me to attend the online course because the lesson formats were basically similar to other classes. Therefore, I could take up the online lessons easily at the beginning. The English tutor taught us very well and I enjoyed the online class very much. The group members studied very seriously during the course. However, I found later that my English level was so weak that our English tutor had to slow down the course for me. I was so afraid that the whole program would be greatly slowed down because of me. I thought I should quit, but my teachers encouraged me to continue. I was happy that I could finish the four week course.

Summer English Enrichment Course (2018-19)

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