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Summer English Enrichment Course (2018-19)

During this summer, ten of our junior students participated in the Summer English Enrichment Course organised by English WeCan. The students' vocabulary bank has been enlarged a lot. Their confidence in speaking English has been greatly raised after the four-week course. Their feedback below shows how much they like the course.


2B 4黃梓鑫 HUANG TSZ YAM   (Bridging 1)

When I first went to the summer English class, I felt reluctant because I was afraid that I would have wasted lots of my summer vacation time. As time went by, I found that the English class teachers were very friendly. I liked them very much. I have learned a lot of English words, thank you very much. The teachers taught me a lot, and if there was a chance, I would want them to be one of my English teachers.

Before I joined the course, my English was not good. However, the course let me know that English vocabulary was not difficult to remember. I hoped that when I finished the course, my English listening and reading skills could be improved.

When I was having lessons, I could feel that the teacher's teaching method was extremely interesting. The teacher's teaching attitude was very serious and strict. When we came across unknown words, the teacher would tell us to try to speak and spell. When we were wrong, she would correct us and teach us how to pronounce the words.

The English content is interesting but a little bit difficult. The course could increase the friendship and studying in a group was more effective.

The course had some activities like outing, display of learning. In the activities, I learned more grammar and words. My English knowledge had increased more than before.

Last, in the course, I learned a lot of things. I was more interested in learning English and acquired more English skills. I hope that the course can run again so that more students can get more interest and more skills in learning English after joining and finishing the course.

At last, I want to say thanks to my teachers in the course. They taught me seriously and strictly.  I will put my heart into learning English.  Come on everybody, let's learn English together. 

2B1 趙偉俊 CHIU WAI CHUN  (Bridging 2)

2B5劉孝勤 LAU HAU KAN (Bridging 1)

 learned some vocabulary in the course, but I still want to learn more. The course is very effective. Now I am more confident in speaking English than before. I am very happy because I have learned more words and met more friends.


Before joining this course, I could not speak well. Therefore I want to practise speaking more.

After the course, I feel better than before. The teacher read story books with us and sometimes played some games with us too. Dictation were done to reinforce our learning.

I feel my teacher is very nice and interesting. We always learned with group A. However, the books were quite easy, so the teacher asked us difficult questions to keep a balance.

In the course, I felt group learning was better because the teacher could concentrate on us more.

8-冼耀祖 劉孝勤.JPG

2B 17葉志彬 YE CHI PAN (Bridging 1)

Well, I actually enjoyed the course because this course made me more confident. I love this course and I hope next year I can join this course again. The course is so interesting. However, my classmates made me discontent as they did not like English very much. They did not love English, therefore, I was a little disappointed at the end-of-the-course performance.

4-左起-陳杜銘 何浩申 趙偉俊.jpg

2A 2 陳杜銘

CHEN DUMING (Bridging 2)

In the course, I learnt a lot of vocabulary and I felt more confident in using English than before. Before I joined the course, I was always afraid to stand on the stage because many people would look at me. But now I can be a lot better than before. I feel more relaxed. So I think the course is very useful.


2B3 何浩申 

HE HAOSHEN (Bridging 2)

In this summer vacation, I went for an English Enrichment course held in the Chinese University. My expectation was that I would learn more English and meet new classmates.

In class, the teacher let us learn English in a relaxing and happy way. Of course, the teacher's teaching was very serious.  The use of the game " Who is the undercover? " let us remember the English words more deeply. I felt that learning as a team was more effective than learning alone.

There were many outings. We went to bookshops and stores. In the bookshops, there are many kinds of books. Every time after the visit to the bookshop, all of us had to tell others where we went and what the books were about. Joining the course not only could I learn English, but also I could meet many new friends.


1B 5  范嘉華

Rameez ( Bridging 2 )

I am very happy to have joined the English course.  I had very good experience during the course. Before joining the course, I was a bit nervous. However, after joining the course, I felt very delighted.

The teachers were kind and helpful. They taught me a lot of new things.  I hope I can join this course again next year.

2A5 陳逸培 

CHEN YI PEI (Bridging 2)

The reasons why I joined the summer English class was to improve my reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

During the course, I found my teacher's way of teaching was interesting and very good. The teacher was very serious. The English content was not easy. It was a bit hard. Classmates helped each other to learn English. I learned a lot from life outings as well. 

2A11  郭明澤

GUO MINGZE  (Bridging 2 )

This summer we completed our English course very successfully.  I think it was a very precious chance to improve my English level.  In the course, I learnt a lot of new words.  I also got a precious chance to meet new friends and got worthy friendships.

So thank my school for giving me this great chance, thank you.

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