NSM’s participation in International Virtual Exchange Programme - CURA

Our school was invited by St. Joseph Institution Singapore (SJI) to join the CURA programme this year. The Opening Ceremony of CURA was successfully held on 23 October 2021 (Sat). The English Team was responsible for coaching the student representatives in the programme. It will last for four weeks starting from late October. The Closing Ceremony will be held on 20 November 2021 (Sat), which will assuredly be a celebration of success and recognition for NSM student representatives.

CURA is an international virtual exchange programme organised by SJI, which is one of the top institutions in Singapore. CURA perfectly aligns with NSM's vision of becoming a Future School, Community School and Well-being School.

Chong Kai Wai Eric(3A), Guo Mingze Alex (5A), Chiu Wai Chun Kelvin (5B) and Limbu Kiva Zose(6B) have taken up the challenges to be our student representatives in this programme. Their proactiveness and dedication did not go unnoticed and were greatly appreciated by the school leaders of SJI.

It is hoped that students will be inculcated with global awareness of becoming responsible global citizens through their participation in CURA, which is to care and be concerned about Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations such as sustainable cities & communities and climate action.

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中文組與我校華語同學參加以「夢想中的遊樂空間」為題的徵文比賽,經專業評審評分後,我校總共有15位同學的作品入圍,將於5月14至24日期間於以下網頁展出以供網上投票之用。現誠邀大家投票支持學校同學,讓同學心目中的「遊樂空間」成真,向夢想飛翔。 入圍的名單如下 油尖旺區: www.MIPPSYTM.hk YTM9 3B蔡鈞義 YTM12 2C趙鴻翊 YTM13 4A林祖林 大埔區: www.MI