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Ms. Parveen Talaat

My name is Talaat. "My philosophy of education is that every child should have the right to learn and get a quality education."

I view teaching as a process of empowering students and enabling them to lead a successful and fulfilling life. I promote these through an interactive, collaborative, and inquiry-based pedagogy. My dialogical teaching strategy engenders in students a desire to learn, elevates their self-confidence and self-respect, and encourages them to cooperate with others.

I believe that the purpose of education is not only to pass on knowledge but to teach students how to seek knowledge on their own and how to judge the reliability of the information they find. One of the greatest rewards of teaching is to see how students continue to learn. I think that young people have the ability to make great changes in the world if they are given the right information and tools.

I am a firm believer in making learning fun and interesting, while maintaining discipline. A disciplined, well-behaved classroom is the key to accomplishing tasks and goals.

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