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“A ship in the harbour is safe. But that is not what ships are built for”. While assistance from teachers is important; students must learn to be their own teachers one day. Therefore, critical thinking skills, love, respect, courage and morality are helms of resilience against the worldly tides that I believe educators should, other than subject knowledge, pass onto our next generations.

Teaching and learning can never be separated. To me, teaching should start from learning at two levels. First, it should begin at a “Self” level. An educator should always be a ready learner to keep up with life challenges as to motivate students to do the same. Second, it should start from the “Other” learning level. That means a teacher should try his/ her best to create a student-oriented classroom and to allow peer learning and evaluation to take place. My ultimate wish as a teacher is simple: to share with my students these essences of life, to demonstrate how to be a lifelong learner and to walk with them as a life mentor.

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