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My philosophy is that all children deserve quality education, regardless of their background and ability. Every child is unique, which is precisely why education is and should always be more than mere transmission of knowledge. As an educator, my aspiration is to construct an intellectually-stimulating environment, one that allows students to develop critical and creative thinking as individuals, in order to prepare them for surviving and thriving in a world of endless possibilities.

As an English Language teacher, I am well aware of the challenge that English learning poses to Chinese L1 speakers. In order to set students up for success, teachers must first motivate students. Learner motivation can vary greatly depending on the way a teacher approaches the curriculum. In order to cater to the diverse needs and interests of students, I believe that personalizing the curriculum is vital, especially to learners who may not begin with having the highest proficiency in English. This means incorporating a wide variety of methods such as individual work, cooperative learning, hands-on learning, and task-based learning, and exploring different themes and topics during lessons.

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