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In Chinese culture, students’ failure is generally attributed to laziness. Yet, their poor performances can have multiple causes. Students may lack family support, hindering them to learn. I strongly believe that teachers should try their best to identify students’ difficulties and assign appropriate learning tasks. Students are unmotivated because the learning tasks are not suitable, either too difficult or too easy. Teachers should keep revising the learning materials to accommodate students’ needs.

I will never see students with lower marks as “poor students”. Instead, I will see them as “slow learners”. The difference between students is not their intelligence but the time they need for acquiring certain skills. Therefore, teachers should be patient and provide time for students to comprehend and practice. As long as we can provide them with enough time and care, we can restore their confidence and develop their potential.

Most of the time, students’ dread of English is cumulative. Students should have encountered a lot of high frequency words (HFWs) at their early stage of English learning. If they fail to remember these words, they will accumulate. After years of accumulation, the reading passage or audio script can be frightening. Hence, English teachers should be aware of the HFWs and provide extra help.

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