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In an age where unpredictability of a rapid changing environment is the new constant, what we, as the educators, could do to help our students shape their future is to nurture them to be adaptable to change, to think independently, and to stand their ground. As a popular saying goes, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Through fostering a co-creation of learning environment with our students, it is believed that the outcome of students’ learning and growth could reach beyond our imagination.

A good education is more than about academics and schools should also be a preparation for life. Therefore, learning at schools is a journey instead of a destination that provides grounds for innovation, for impact, for change and for life-long learning. I believe that students learn best when they feel valued and respected, and when they believe they can learn by supporting their emotional, social, cultural and educational needs. Standing by these beliefs is what builds students’ hopes, beliefs and confidence.

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