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Amazing Race

Our annual Amazing Race on 22 November this year is really amazing.  Why?  For various reasons. 


First, this year, the Amazing Race was jointly organised by the English and the P.E. Departments, which, to a great extent, added in a lot of fun and support. 


Secondly, through the organizing and implementing processes, whole school collaboration was excellently illustrated, and again, to a great degree, enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole event. 


Thirdly, the event apparently provided a platform for students to learn English in a fun-filled situation as all the games were designed with a view to consolidating what students had learnt over the past few months. 


Last but not least, the event served to provide both students and teachers some amazing moments amidst the recent social instability in Hong Kong.  It’s really really AMAZING!


"Congratulations to Mohammad Samir Matloob of S.4B.  He was awarded the championship in his solo verse speaking group held on 6 December 2019 in this year's Speech Festival.  What a talented boy he is!  He has been an award-winner over the past three years, with two years being the winner of the category. 


Samir, we're proud of you and simultaneously, we hope that you will strive for further excellence."

Champion in solo verse speaking



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