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 Project WeCan Partners Appreciation Reception

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On 30 May 2019, Principal Li and Zain of S.5A went to the Government House for Project WeCan Partners Appreciation Reception.  After the event, Zain wrote:

'30 May was a most memorable and life-changing moment in my life.  I was selected to  attend a speech ceremony in the Government House, which I didn't realise it was a once in lifetime opportunity.

From the beginning, I was told that I'd have to attend the ceremony with no one other than my school principal.  Therefore, I shivered with nerves since I had no idea on how to behave or respond appropriately in front of the school principal.  But he was really kind and welcoming.  Because of him, I could have more confident in speaking and interacting with others.

During the programme, I was required to stand all the time with 75 students from other schools.  We were constantly told to greet guests and take pictures with them.  Afterwards, clapping in any honorable guests who were invited to speak or take photos on the stage.  Although it was extremely exhausted me out, throughout the process, I understood how much the government, the community, and the retired businessmen has worked hard to encourage young people like me, by providing us with better studying environment in order to prepare us well for the society.  I was thrilled with hopes, and began to appreciate how lucky I am to be living i Hong Kong.  Beside that, while continuously taking photos after photos, I suddenly realised, how stressful and unbearable it must be to be a model or celebs, when they're posting for a photo shoot, and always being surrounded and chased by the paparazzi.  Also, the workers who were authorised to prepare us students to get well prepared for the whole programme, in such a short amount of time, were frequently impatient.  I gain a little bit respect for their hard work.

At last, I am really pleased for my English teacher for giving me such an opportunity to learn and strengthen myself.'


Inter-school English Sharing Session with Tang King Po School    

On the morning of 16 May 2019, led by our English consultant, Ms Betty Liu, the English panel went to Tang King Po School to have an inter-school  experience sharing session.   Warm welcome was received from Mr Kwan and Ms Winnie Wong of Tang King Po School.  The sharing session was fruitful as various matters related to the  English learning and teaching were discussed.  We really look forward to more of this kind of experience sharing sessions in future.     "


 From Page to Stage

From Page to Stage is one of the biggest annual event of NSM's English Department.  This year, the event was held on 8 May 2019.  Totally, there were eight performing groups from S.1-3.   We were so honorable as to have invited Mr Li, our school principal, Ms Betty Liu, the school English consultant and Mr Peter Woodhead to be the judges.  You just can't believe how creative our students are.  In the event, each group displayed its creativity and artistic talent to the full.  Evidently, this year's From Page to Stage was amusing and amazing.  Most importantly, we could see lots of improvement from students in terms of performance, creativity, confidence and language competence."

On 9 March 2019, Samir, Safeer and Sahil participated in the first Headstart Cup, a competition testing students' general knowledge of the world.   The competition was very keen.  Students from the participating schools are very knowledgeable.  Luckily, our students are also very smart.   Finally, Ng Siu Mui got the sixth place out of 16 schools, not bad though!

Hi, my name is Samir and I am from class 3B. Recently, I have joined the first Headstart Cup with one of my classmates. It was a very challenging experience for me and it was a learning point for me as a student to see what’s out there in the world. Although we didn’t
win, we still came at 6 th place out of 16 schools and I think it’s still quite good. I would like to thank everyone who made me take part in this competition.

By Samir (S.3B)

Firstly, I am so thankful to my teachers for giving me this chance to participate in the 1 st Hong Kong Inter- Secondary School General Knowledge Championship.

Secondly, I am so happy to be the team member to compete in the Headstart Cup. I have learnt much more about science, history and politics in this competition. I have learnt from other students who are very smart. I have explored more about the world. My confidence has increased by joining this competition. I have had a lot of fun with my team members.

Finally, I have gained a lot of insight from other students in this competition. I do hope to join more competitions in the future.

By Safeer Abbas (S.3B)

Last Saturday, Safeer, Samir and I went to Kwun Tong for Headstart Cup 2019, an English competition testing junior formers’ general knowledge. As it took a long time for us to ride the MTR from Kwai Chung to Kwun Tong, we had to wake up early in the morning.

We arrived Kwun Tong at 8 o’clock and we waited for Miss Ko for about five minutes. After she had arrived at the MTR station, we went to the McDonald’s to have breakfast together. After we had had breakfast, we went to the community centre and prepared for our competition.

After half an hour, the competition began. We were ready for the competition. When the competition began, easy questions were asked. Our group was number four. When it was our group’s turn, more questions on history and science were asked. We were lucky because we had started to prepare one week before the competition.

We got into the semi- final because we won in the preliminary round. However, we could not go further after the semi- final because the contestants of other schools were very knowledgeable.
At the end of the competition, we were awarded certificates.

We learnt a lot during the competition because we had not come across with those questions before. I would like to say thank you to the school and Miss Ko for arranging this activity for us.

By Sahil Abbas (S.2B)

On 9 March 2019, our S.6 students went to Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun) for a final joint school Chinese and English Speaking Mock Exam.  Thanks JCC for organising the mock exam

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On 6 March 2019, a group of our S.4 and 5 students went to New Asia Middle School for a cultural exchange student forum entitled New Asia, New World.  In the forum, students had chances to meet overseas students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and students from other secondary schools.  All of the students had to communicate with each other in English. The forum provided students with an authentic opportunity to use English for real communication.