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烏爾都語科 (Urdu)

Urdu is an HKDSE Other Languages option at our school, which are offered to students starting from S.4 . This language subject can help improve their grasp of the language, understanding how to read texts and other source materials, and how to extract information, and respond to questions in writing. Through their studies, learners will develop an ability to read and analyse material, gaining further knowledge and understanding of Urdu language features and issues. Students will also develop the skills of writing clearly, accurately, creatively and effectively for different purposes and audiences.


The aim of this subject teaching is not only to get good grade in DSE but also encourage students to be confident, responsible, and innovative and take an active interest in the ways language is used.


The well-designed learning activities provide opportunities for students to consolidate their language skills and extend their language range and expression through working with a variety of materials and contemporary resources. The syllabus is designed to equip students with the essential skills and language required for further study or employment using Urdu.

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