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Learning and Teaching

Our school is an aided secondary school providing a complete secondary education curriculum. We have designed diverse learning activities to make sure our students could master the knowledge and skills they need, for example, with ‘The World of Martial Arts’ as the annual theme for Chinese subject, we wish to improve students’ reading and writing skills and to motivate them by decorating the campus, holding weekly assemblies of martial arts and writing classes; while we have ‘The Amazing English Race’ and ‘Page to Stage Project’ for English subject in order to consolidate what they have learnt and to enhance the learning effectiveness by the means of competition and performing.

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Learning and Teaching
- Catering Learning Diversity

Our teaching is customized for our students after assessing their abilities and grouping them according to their education needs, so that we can make sure they all could have a whole-person development.

Small-class Teaching

With the advantageous teacherto-student scale, we could have more student-oriented activities, like group discussion and presentation, in order to deal with different learning needs and progress, and therefore to enhance our support for them.

Learning and Teaching
- Diversified Assessment

We constantly keep track of our students’ academic abilities by making use of the assessment data in order to enhance the learning and teaching effectiveness by adjusting our teaching strategies.

Tests, Examinations and Adapted Applied Learning Measures

We have one common test and two term examinations each year to keep the parents posted on the students’ learning progress.


We also consider both class participation and homework performance as class performance which takes up 50% of the final grades in order to have a comprehensive and continuous assessment which could motivate our students.


By having a diversified assessment, like class activities, attainment competitions, project-based learning, tests and examinations, we keep track of our students’ learning progress and achievements which reflect their abilities and enhance their learning effectiveness.


  • 2020 EDB Language Learning Support Section (Chinese) Annual Sharing

  • Topic: Catering Students’ Language Learning Diversity Through Applying Life Planning Elements into School-based Curriculum

  • 2020 ‘Teaching Chinese to NCS Students Workshop’ hosted by Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools

  • Topic: Chinese Alphabet Input


  • 2020 QEF Thematic Network on Web-based Learning for Students with Diverse Needs (Reading and Writing) in Junior Secondary Schools Dissemination Seminar

  • Topic: Helping Students Develop Their Story Writing Skills with Tailor-made 360 Videos & Authentic Experience


  • EDB Curriculum Development Institute (Mathematics)

  • Topic: Exploration and Development of the effectiveness of the Learning and Teaching with the Application of Information Technology in the Revised Secondary Mathematics Curriculum

  • IT in Education E-Leadership Series

  • Topic: Experience Sharing on Planning and Implementation of E-Learning and Use of E-Resources in Secondary Schools

Liberal Studies

  • EDB Sharing Session: Engaging non-Chinese students through structured activities and curriculum planning

  • Topic: Engaging Non-Chinese Students Through Structured Activities and Curriculum Planning

  • 2018/19 The 2nd Seminar for Liberal Studies Teachers of Secondary Schools of Tsuen Wan Kwai Cheung & Tsing Yi District

Learning and Teaching
- Professional Sharing Sessions and Supports

Sharing Successful School-based Curriculum
Professional Associations and Supports

Our school has been working with the community and other authorities in order to provide diverse learning experiences and supports with reference to students’ needs and school’s development. Better still, we will keep cooperating with different authorities and applying for extra resources to promote the following activities:

  • Harvard University - Project Zero

  • Elder Academy

  • Jockey Club - Project Well-being

  • Project We Can 

  • HKU - Planning and Support Team for Chinese

  • HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre - Career Orientation Project

  • EDB - School-based Support Services 

  • The Education University of Hong Kong and Quality Education Fund Thematic Network on Support for Diverse Learning Needs (Reading and Writing) in Junior Secondary Schools

Learning and Teaching
- A Language Environment with Diversified Teaching Modes

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