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​一日一詞 a word a day

Chapter 11
Basic classroom language

1 Ms. Chan, may I come in, please? 陳老師, 請問我可以進來嗎?

2 Mr. Chan may i open the door, please? 請問我可以開門嗎?

3 Mr. Li may i close the window, please? 李老師, 請問我可以關窗嗎?

4 Ms. Wong may I turn on the fan, please? 黃老師,請問我可以開風扇嗎?

5 Mr. Lau, may I switch off the air conditioner, please? 劉老師,請問我可以關掉冷氣機嗎?

6 Mr. Chan, may I take my textbook from the locker, please? 陳老師,請問我可以到儲物櫃拿課本嗎?

7 Mr. Yan, may I go to the toilet, please? 甄老師,請問我可以去洗手間嗎?

8 Ms. Tang, may I lower the blind, please? 鄧老師,請問我可以拉下窗簾嗎?

9 Aman, may I borrow your pen, please? 亞明,請問我可以借用你的原子筆嗎?

10 Ms. Talaat,  I am  sorry. I have forgotten to do my homework. Ms. Talaat,對不起。我忘記了做功課。

11 Mr. Kiani, I am sorry. I have forgotten to bring my textbook. Mr. Kiani,對不起,我忘記了帶課本。

12 Ali, clean the blackboard, please.

13 I am sorry. I do not know the answer.

14 I am sorry. Can you repeat the question?

15 Raise your hand, please? 請舉手。

16 Keep quiet, please. 請保持安靜。

17 Turn to P.16 of your book, please.

18 Look at the screen, please. 請看著螢幕。

19 Please listen carefully. 請細心聆聽。

20 Go back to your seat, please.

21 I repeat. 我重複。

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