Career Day by the Caravel Group Limited on 27 March 2019


This year, our school has been so fortunate to be one of the schools joining Project WeCan (Phase 3).  With the financial and career support from Project WeCan, students of our school have been given a lot of authentic workplace experience.  To name but a few, company visits to HAESL, Prince Jewellery and Watch Co., Harriman Property Management Ltd. and others have been arranged for students in order to let them have a better understanding of the real-life workplace environment.  Furthermore, to provide students with a genuine experience of running a business, Young Innovators Bazaar has been organised.


On 27 March 2019, our school sponsoring partner, the Caravel Group Ltd., kindly organised a mini career day for our students at its Wan Chai office.  On the afternoon of the day, 25 students from S.2-5 accompanied by five teachers arrived at the office as scheduled.  Both teachers and students were excited as they seldom had chances to visit real-life workplace environment, not to mention a large international company like the Caravel Group Ltd.  Apparently, the visit was eye-opening and the experience was unforgettable.


What has impressed our school most is the company’s hospitality and sincerity.  It was evident that the Caravel Group Ltd. cared for our school very much.  The staff members really treated our teachers and students as VIPs.  Everything, from preparation to refreshments, then to types of activities, even though the break time, was well thought out and arranged.  Our school was indeed lucky enough to have had such a valuable chance to be invited to the career day organised by the Caravel Group Ltd.  Not only could students gain authentic workplace exposure, they could also learn how to plan for an event and the importance of being thoughtful and careful when organising any activities.  It is certain that everything students came across on the day will be their lifetime memories.


To know the benefits of the career day more, see below the feedback from the teachers and the students, and the photos which have captured all the memorable moments of the day.

3月27日,我校師生一行30人參與了「學校起動」計劃安排的“拓維集團”迷你職涯規劃日。在拓維集團位於灣仔中環中心的辦公室,我們受到拓維集團及拓維基金主席Banga一家的熱情招待。在詳細介紹公司的業務後,更帶我們參觀集團主席Harry Banga的辦公室,令所有學生都大開眼界。





“The part that impressed me most was the talk by the captain.  The interview was very funny and I had learnt a lot from the interviewer.

In the event, I have learnt how to build up relationship with other countries and how to promote business.”


By Sahil Abbas (S.2B)

“I have learnt more about the Caravel Group and the event has shown me how hard work pays off.  Now I know, when you study hard, you can achieve your goals.”


 By Mohammad Samir Matloob (S.3B)

“ The part impressed me most was the company tour. The company is very big, tidy and grand.  What is important is that I have seen the harmony between people in the company.

I have gained a lot of information about the Caravel Group like when the Group started, how it started and why it started.  Furthermore, I feel amazing that how come the Caravel Group can have 16 offices around the world.  I have learnt a lot about the business departments, which have increased my interest towards the business world.  

Finally, the interview was very special and it let us have a chance to plan for our future career.”

By Safeer Abbas (S.3B)

“I was mostly impressed by the mock interview, by which my English and self-confidence were improved.  I found the interview skills and communication skills useful.”

By Alvin Chan (S.5A)

“I think the mock interview has impressed me most.  I have learnt interview skills from the interview.  I have gained an insight into the workplace environment of a listed company.  I think this event is interesting and has enriched my experience.”

By Tenny Chen (S.5A)

“I was impressed when the staff members shared their work experience and studies with us.  They used their personal experience to show us the importance of hardworking and perseverance.  If we can be determined and work hard, we can improve a lot.  Furthermore, we should not be afraid of asking and seeking help.  When we encounter difficulties, we should not be shy to seek help from others.  

I have also learnt that communication is important.  Listening is an important skill when communicating with others.  In fact, if we want to give advice to others, we should listen to others first.  It is basic respect to everyone.”

By Chris Hong (S.5A)

“I have learnt many things from the event.  I know, if you want to be successful, you have to face difficulties.  It might be hard at times.  However, if you try your best, even though you fail, at least you try, you will have no regret.

The boss of the Caravel Group said, “Your idea may not be true, but if it becomes true, it will help you make a lot of money.”  A good idea is important.  No matter how you do, how you feel, respect and believe in your idea.  The final benefit must be you.”

By Brian Ren (S.5A)

“The generous company visit for sure provided students with a very eye-opening experience of what the real workplace is like.  Most of our students are facing similar problems as the speakers of the career talks, who might not have a chance to continue their studies considering their family financial background.  They could definitely relate themselves to what the speakers presented to them.  The students did review that the speeches were extremely inspiring and encouraging.

The interview workshop and questioning techniques were well thought out.  Throughout the workshop, students really thought about themselves like what they would like to be.  This is truly our ultimate goal.  
We would very much be grateful to have a wonderful sponsor, who supports our students with very caring planning.”

By Ms S.M. Wong, Teresa

“(Students have) exposure to real-life workplace environment…a chance for students to express themselves in English in an authentic context.”

By Mr K.F. Wu

「對公司的真實環境有更深的了解, 學生亦能從中學習認真的態度。」 


“(Students have known the) reality of the world of work.  Life stories by humble workers can start with a dream. Be honest and sincere…Interview techniques…speech from the heart.


(The) career talk was extremely helpful to the students…inspiring and encouraging.  The interviews and questioning techniques were well thought out.”

By Ms L.L. Wong, NET

“A wonderful trip ! Students have learnt the developmental history of the company, Caravel and what the company has done to boost its business.

Students have learnt a lot and their horizons have been broadened. Things that students have learnt are: the importance of keeping friendship with other countries or strangers, interview skills and many others.”

 By Mr T.H. Fong

Many Thanks to the Caravel Group Limited!