教育理念  陳彩兒

“Education is the most influential means to shape a better future.”

Education enables students to liberate their inner intellect, unlock their imagination and unleash their talent. It also inspires students to figure out the ways of developing a more progressive society. Therefore, an inclusive quality education is of great significance to every student.


I strongly believe that every student should be treated equally and given opportunities regardless of their backgrounds and abilities. As an educator, teaching should not be limited by the varieties of learning abilities. Hence, we should not categorise students by labels. Instead, we should embrace the diversity of abilities by creating innovative teaching and learning approaches to release students’ potential. Various styles of pedagogy, like multi-sensory teaching, are expected to adopt in classrooms in order to motivate students to learn. Additionally, we should allow students to explore the possibility independently and freely. More importantly, we should teach students to respect themselves and accept their own flaws with open mindset.


Establishing a diverse learning environment is never an easy task for educators. However, with endeavours, patience and teaching passion, I heartily believe that all obstacles ahead will definitely be overcome.