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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

On 10 March 2019, Chris and Micky of S.5A joined an adventure day camp in Sai Kung organised by Project WeCan.  Despite the bad weather, the two students still found the camp enjoyable and insightful.

Last Sunday, I went to Sai Kung for an adventure day camp held by Project WeCan with my classmate Micky. At first, we needed to form groups with others and talked to some university students. The university students gave us advice on our elective subjects. They also shared their study skills for DSE and learning experiences with us. And we did some activities together, but I think the activities were boring and naïve. Still, it is a valuable experience to learn teamwork and study skills.

At one o’clock, we had lunch. We then prepared ourselves to listen to the presentation of Mr Woo Kwong Ching. This part is the most fascinating program of the day. He shared his successes and study life in America with us. His speech was funny. I also gained a lot of insight from him.

By Chris Hung (S.5A)

The ‘WeCan’ project camp was quite helpful for me. At the beginning it was a little

bit confusing but later on it got better and better.

I enjoy meeting other school’s students; it helped me to improve my social skills.

Although I was not very talkative throughout the whole process, I did manage to

interact with higher grades students. The teamwork games went well because most

of the skill needed is physical interaction with strangers face to face. But I was a

little bit disappointed because of the weather. I was also extremely exhausted. As

everyone was friendly and caring, I didn’t mind at all.

The most memorable moment in this camp was the talk. Through the talk, I gained

some methods to enhance my personal development. And this motivated me to

work harder in school and personal life. I am very thankful to the school and project

‘WeCan’ for holding the camp.

By Hussain Zain (S.5A)

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