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本校與協青社合作之賽馬會《尋. 覓》青年計劃,目的是以正向心理學及優勢為本取向(Strength-based approach)為框架,以56小時的活動提升學生精神健康。

我們在特別假期為2B及3A非華語同學提供第一階段四節合共6小時的網上活動,我們十分欣賞同學的積極參與,而同學平均出席率更高達79%。過程中,同學與協青社社工團隊建立了良好關係,相信能有助第二階段共50小時活動的進行。 最後,我們再次感謝班主任Mr. Kiani, Mr. Yan, Mr.Archer的參與及輔導員馬SIR的協調。

Our school has cooperated with the Youth Outreach Jockey Club and organized a 56-hour event with a view to showing positive psychology and implementing a strength-based approach.

During the special holiday, we conducted 4 sessions (6 hours per session) on the first stage of this online activity for our NC students from 2B and 3A. We were glad that students were very active in participating in the activity with the attendance of 79%. Students have developed a close relationship with the social worker team of the Youth Outreach. It is believed that the momentum of students’ engagement can be kept and boosted in the coming second stage of 50-hour event.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to the class teachers of 2B, Mr. Kiani and Mr. Yan and the class teacher of 3A, Mr. Archer and our school counsellor, Mr. Ma. for their great help and participation in this event.

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