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Chan Cheuk-ming, aka “Ming Gor,” who has been offering free meals to the poor in Sham Shui Po for more than a decade, was invited to do the interview and online activity in our school. The interview with Ming Gorwas hosted by the chairperson of Student Union, Sin Yiu Cho from 5A, the house committee, Tsang Cheuk Yin Abel from 4A. During the online activity and the interview, Ming Go shared about how he has been giving out free meals to the homeless, the elderly, and ethnic minorities with the help of volunteers. “Ming Gor” has also been offering meal vouchers at an affordable price to the poor. The two student hosts have learnt a lot for Ming Gor’s benevolence and his contribution to the society. They also hope that they could participate in more social service and help the needy in the society in future. #天主教慈幼會伍少梅中學 #伍少梅 #SDBNSM #ngsiumui #社區學校

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