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聯校DSE 英文口試訓練 22/23

本校中六同學於昨天 (十月二十九日) 參加了聯校英文口試訓練,這次的訓練於粉嶺救恩書院舉行。聯校英文口試訓練能夠拓寬同學們的視野,為他們提供了寶貴的平台與實戰機會,能夠與聯校學生一起進行英文口試訓練,為 DSE 作預備!


1. 粉嶺救恩書院 2. 天主教慈幼會伍少梅中學 3. 基督教香港信義會信義中學 4. 救恩書院 5. 高雷中學 6. 新會商會陳白沙紀念中學


*Joint School DSE English Language Speaking Practice 22/23*

Our S6 students have participated in a Joint-School Oral Practice held at Fanling Kau Yan College today. This joint school event has broadened the horizons of our students and has provided a golden opportunity for them to strive and apply their English Language skills with students from secondary school with different backgrounds.

1. Fanling Kau Yan College 2 SDB Ng Siu Mui Secondary School 3. ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School 4. Kau Yan College 5. Ko Lui Secondary School 6. Chan Pak Sha Secondary School

All of our students have performed well and interacted fluently in English with their peers. It is an encouraging sign as our students have show the abilities to interact and compete with students around Hong Kong.

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