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第一屆學界Tram + NFT 設計比賽榮獲亞軍

我校中二級余梓鏗同學早前參與由香港電車舉辦第一屆學界Tram + NFT 設計比賽,在超過一千名參賽者中脫穎而出,榮獲亞軍。



Gordon Yu, an S2 student, from our school participated in the first *Tram + NFT Design Inter-school Competition* held by the Hong Kong Tramways. Over 1,000 students signed up for this competition. The competition was fierce and many of the participants were from conventional EMI schools. Gordon's creative idea and design were deeply appreciated by the judges. He could fully demonstrate the use of technology in the production of art pieces. This finally stood him out from the thousand entries submitted and won the 1st runner-up in this competition.

The Prize Presentation Ceremony was held at Whitty Street Tram Depot on 11 August. Mr. Chu Kwok-keung, Member of Legislative Council (Education Sector) served as the presenter. Gordon's works has combined the elements of art and technology, showing his expectation for future technology and the yearning for a green and low-carbon life. Gordon's works will be exhibited in the Public Exhibition Hall 2 of Asia World-Expo on August 13 and 14. Parents, teachers and the public are welcome to come and show support.

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