校長給畢業生的信 Letter to graduates




My fellow students,

Do you remember the number I shared with all of you on the first school day? ... ...




 你怎樣渡過這些日子?

 你的身體健康嗎?睡眠質素好嗎?

 已消失的16,156,800秒有沒有為你帶來改變?

 學業上,你有沒有進步?有沒有學到新的知識和技能?

 品格上,你有沒有變得更有責任感、更懂尊重別人、更樂於助人?

 人際關係上,與家人、同學、朋友的關係變得更緊密和諧嗎?還是變得更疏離?

 性格上,有没有變得更快樂、更樂觀、更積極?

 你有沒有變得更加關心社會、關心國家、關心我們的地球?

 你有沒有發展自己的興趣、潛能和強項?

 你有沒有利用這些日子追尋自己的夢想?











My fellow students,

Do you remember the number I shared with all of you on the first school day?

Thirty-one million five hundred and thirty-six thousand seconds. From that day

to today, 187 days has gone, which is like sixteen million one hundred fifty-six

thousand and eight hundred seconds. Try to ask yourself the following


- How did you spend those days?

- Did you get healthier? Did you sleep better at night?

- Did you make any changes with those vanished sixteen million one

hundred fifty-six thousand and eight hundred seconds?

- Did you get any better on your studies? Did you get to learn any new

knowledge or technique?

- Have you become a better person? More responsible? Getting to know

how to respect and help others?

- How about your interpersonal relationship? Did you get closer with your

family, your classmates and your friends? Or actually getting worse?

- Did you get to be happier, more optimistic and proactive?

- Did you care more about our society, our country and also our planet?

- Did you develop your own hobby, strength? Or to achieve your potential?

- Did you make good use of those days to chase your dreams?

The public exam is coming and I know this would put you under a lot of

stress because you would feel anxious, hesitated and uneasy because you have to

think about and make decisions for your future. With the challenges ahead, some

choose to be a quitter; some choose to face it and try to overcome it. I have been

there – I also had to face countless examinations and tests when I was a student

like you. I did once choose to quit just because I wasn’t well prepared for the

challenge; I did do good on my school work by putting every effort in it.

I used to think having good scores and higher educational qualifications

mean being successful in life, but I then found out that this is not the fact. The

fact is, your educational background does not reflect your full abilities; your

scores and grades do not also reflect your moral accomplishments and

personalities. In the future, we won’t just define success in only one particular

way anymore. My fellow students, don’t just define yourself by your academic

results; don’t let your scores and grades stop you from chasing your dreams.

What I have just said doesn’t mean not to put all your effort into the public

exam, or learning isn’t important, but to understand the true meanings behind

learning from your teachers – to define yourself by experiencing successes and

failures, to pursues righteousness, truth and love in order to find life, prosperity

and meanings. Try to think about the hottest, the most popular jobs we have

nowadays, they actually didn’t exist in 20 years ago! Every day we have new

discovery, so every day we have a chance to refute the old theories and have new

knowledge. By doing so, you have to keep giving, improving and working

hard. In order to face and conquer your failures, you have to get up, then fail

again, then get up and try again until you make your dreams come true.

Learning is more than scoring, and also developing your personal qualities.

We, all our teachers, are here to help you become a dauntless, caring, thankful

and helpful person. Your qualification is like an admission to different fields but

your personalities and moralities define your development path in future.

Graduating from high school is an end, but it’s also a start of your upcoming

new life. No matter what lies in your future path, we, all our faculty members,

will still be here to wish all the best for you. In my eyes, you all have got a lot of

potential, so if you are on the right track, you will definitely achieve your full

potential and shine. Don’t just quit if others look down at you for not having a

great accomplishment, but to improve and equip yourself. When the chance is

here, you, if you are well prepared, will shine and fly.

I am lucky to have all of you as my students; I am honored to see you all

graduating from our school. I am also grateful to all our teachers for being a

companion and guide in all of your lives. We all have gone though a lot together,

and all of your memories and bygones are now part of our school. We all are and

will always be proud of you when you make any progress in your life.

May the Lord look on you with favor and give you peace.

Your principal,

Kin Man


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