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5月27日(星期五),學校於小息期間舉辦了校園音樂會。音樂會的目的是給予學生表演平台,讓他們展示音樂才華; 提供交流平台,讓同學互相學習欣賞。



A campus concert during our recess was successfully held on 27 May last Friday. The purpose of the concert is to offer students a platform to perform, to communicate and most importantly, to show their musical talents and learn to appreciate each other.

The audience was impressed by the dedicated music performance performed by our talented students with full applause. Meanwhile, the Student Union sent both the teacher and student audience chocolates when they were enjoying the music show. It was a meaningful concert that we look forward to encouraging more students to take part in the performance next time so that we could share the joy of music together.

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