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本校和SEED Foundation以及香港大學專業進修學院合作,開辦了阿里巴巴雲計算課程。學生可以在課外時間,學習雲計算知識和業界最新的科技技能。在完成三個階段合共90小時的課程後,學生能得到資歷架構認可的專業證書。課程同時包括其他學習活動,例如參觀企業、暑期學習日營、以及為期一個月的暑期實習等。


Future Talent Academy Summer Learning Series (2) Alibaba Cloud Computing Course and Summer Internship

Our school has collaborated with the SEED Foundation and the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) to offer the Alibaba Cloud Computing Course. Students have the opportunity to learn cloud computing knowledge and the latest technological skills in their extracurricular time. Upon completion of the three stages totaling 90 hours, students will receive a professional certificate recognized by the Qualifications Framework. The course also includes other learning activities, such as corporate visits, summer learning camps, and a one-month summer internship.

On October 7, the students finally obtained professional certification witnessed by their teachers and guests "Their two years of diligent studying have also earned recognition from various parties.

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