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未來人才學院暑期學習系列(一) - 在香港亞洲協會暑期實習




Future Talent Academy Summer Learning Series (1) Summer Intern at Asia Society Hong Kong

In August 2023, our students Gordon Yu and Jacky Sung took part in a one-month Summer Internship program organized by Asia Society Hong Kong (ASHK).

It is an invaluable opportunity for the students to learn various aspects of photography and convey stories effectively, to collaborate with students from other schools and work as a team, and to participate in preparing, holding and curating an exhibition.

The internship has been particularly rewarding and the students gained insight into the meticulous planning, organization, and presentation required to showcase their work to a wider audience. The chance to exhibit their artwork in an authentic workplace environment has greatly boosted their confidence and nurtured their passion for photography. We extend our heartfelt thanks to ASHK for opening doors of opportunity for our students.

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