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老師們於倫敦Anna Freud Centre中學習,除了認識到英國專業支援學生精神健康的師資培訓架構外, 亦在數據上了解到如何量度學生的幸福感,作預防及發展性的用途。此外,當地前線的同工亦跟我們分享如何運用兒童心理學照顧學生需要的寶貴心得。

此行老師們亦參觀了兩所學校,St. Bonaventure’s School 及Pears Family School,認識天主教價值跟正向教育的協同實踐以及家校合作對學生帶來的裨益。能讓學生感到幸福是我們的理念,希望藉此寶貴經驗,能使本校成為更出色的「健康校園」。

As a Well-being School, our school attaches great importance to positive value education for students. In April, our school's Principal Li Kin Man, Miss Chan Yan Yi and Mr. Wong Ka Lok participated in the UK Exchange Programme organized by the Jockey Club Project Well-being.

They attended some training at the Anna Freud Center in London. Other than getting to know the teacher training framework for supporting students' mental health in the UK, they also learned how to measure students' well-being for preventive and developmental purposes. In addition, the local frontline staff also shared with us their valuable experience on utilizing child psychology to take care of students’ needs.

The teachers on this trip also visited two schools, St. Bonaventure’s School and Pears Family School, to understand the collaborative practice of Catholic values and positive education as well as the benefits brought by home-school cooperation to students. Students’ well-being has always been our prime concern. We hope to use this valuable experience to make our school a better Well-being School.


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