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Dear parents,

We genuinely understand that the change and transition from primary to secondary require substantial preparation, planning, adjustment and support, to both our children and parents since both of you have to adapt to the changes of environment, relationships, behaviours, routines, roles and expectations. A diverse learning environment is of paramount importance to equip our children to be adaptable to change and to think independently, especially in an age where unpredictability of a rapid changing environment is the new constant.

Selecting a suitable secondary school for your children is essential to their future and personal growth. In view of this, we are honored to have invited the Principals from primary schools to share the tips on selecting a suitable school for your children (Seminar 1). We have also invited the educational experts to share with us on how to develop their children's potential (Seminar 2) to provide relevant support to both parents and children.

sign up link for the seminars

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