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本校三位中三同學近年參加了不少創科比賽及課程,過往亦憑專為長者而設的智能認藥機獲獎,能獲大眾認同令他們深受鼓舞,對STEM的興趣愈發濃厚,更希望將來可在創科路上取得一定成就,以服務社區,回饋社會。到底三位同學如何從零開始,令夢想得以啟航? 又如何迎難而上,讓自己成長突破? 詳情請留意以下報導:

The three secondary three students of our school have participated in different science and technology innovation competitions. In the past, they have won the award and recognition by inventing a smart medicine recognition machine specially designed for elderly. They hope that they could fulfil their dream of developing their science and innovation achievement in order to serve and contribute to our society. We would like to invite you to read the below news article to know more about how our three students fulfilled their dreams and achieved this science breakthrough.

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