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Hong Kong School Drama Festival 22/23 (English Group)

Congratulations to our school’s English Drama team for winning FIVE AWARDS!

14 junior form students from our school showcased their exceptional talent in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival (English group) on 28th February 2023 with their riveting performance of the script The Three Marauders, and have achieved commendable results.

Three students from S.2B Kavani Tirth Kamleshkumar, Bavishi Vir Rajukumar, and Khiatani Damien Vian, each received the Award for Outstanding Performer. The team has also been awarded the prestigious Award for Outstanding Audio-visual Effects and the Award for Outstanding Cooperation, a testament to the incredible teamwork and creativity that went into the production.

Countless hours and evenings were spent rehearsing, ensuring that every detail was executed flawlessly. Most importantly, the teamwork and communication skills that students honed during the preparation period would be lifelong skills . Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for a job well done!

本校14名英文話劇組同學於2月28日的香港校際戲劇節中順利完成《三大盜》演出,憑藉出色表演獲得五個獎項! 個人獎項方面,Kavani Tirth Kamleshkumar、Bavishi Vir Rajukumar和Khiatani Damien Vian各獲得傑出演員獎;本校亦獲得傑出影音效果獎和傑出合作獎。


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