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Principal Li Kin Man, Mr Mo Chi Hung and our student Pang Yuen Hong were invited by Ming Pao to attend the "Extracurricular Activities Teaching Materials and Supplies Expo 2022 cum Extracurricular Reading Culture Festival" held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 26 August.

They shared their views and ways to promote value education with innovation and technology in authentic learning settings. Principal Li further explained the necessity of equipping students with future skills as well as how Hardware, Software and Soulware are influential to Future Education.

Mr. Mo shared how frontline teachers transform subject knowledge into real-life applications, and ways for developing positive characters amongst students. Pang Yuen Hong shared his experience in applying innovation together with technological inventions and ways to get along with the elderly. He also expressed his visions of applying what he has learnt in school and contribute to the society and help people in need.

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