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6月14日,我校李建文校長及多位同學獲Meta(Facebook)邀請,到訪其香港總部並出席「攜手共建香港元宇宙啟動禮」。李校長於研討會中分享了Meta的資源如何為教育界提升學與教的質素,以及元宇宙所創造的新機遇。同學們則與Meta 員工交流使用科技產品的心得,亦獲邀試用Meta最新的科技產品,體驗如何把VR(虛擬實景) 及AR (擴增實景)融合於生活之中。

On June 14, Principal Li and our students were invited by Meta (Facebook) to visit its Hong Kong headquarter and participate in Meta “Building For The Metaverse In Hong Kong”. In the seminar, Principal Li shared how Meta's resources can improve the quality of learning and teaching for the education sector, as well as the new opportunities created by the Metaverse. Meanwhile, our students shared their experience in using technological products with Meta staff. They were also invited to try the latest Meta technological products so as to experience the way of integrating VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) into their daily lives.

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