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傳媒報導 - 家長分享

本校2C班學生李京岸的家長近日獲電台邀請,於節目《恩雨有情天》分享與京岸相處時的點點滴滴。從知道京岸有自閉症時的徬徨無助,到坦然接受現實,並以無比的努力、耐心陪著京岸面對一個又一個的挑戰及難關,京岸媽媽的苦與樂不言而喻。京岸媽媽期望透過這次分享,以生命影響生命,讓更多同路人得到信心和盼望。訪談的詳細內容已載於2月7 日《成報》,希望大家可從中認識到更多自閉症孩子的成長挑戰及障礙,對他們有多一分的支持及鼓勵。

Recently, the parent of our secondary two student, Lee King Ngon, was invited by the radio program to share her daily life and precious moment with her son. In the radio program, she shared how hopeless and helpless she felt when her son was diagnosed with autism, from being hopeless to being hopeful by going through all the difficulties. This incredible mom has been accompanying her son to get through all challenges and hurdles all the way. Her love to her son truly reveals the impact of life on life. A more thorough story about Ms Poon has been published on Sing Pao Daily News on 7th February 2022. It is hoped that people could understand more about the challenges and obstacle the autistic kids face and how they could overcome all the difficulties with the support and encouragement from all of us.

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