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SCMP x Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2023/24

Three Form 5 students from our school Caden Lam, Marco Cheung and Yu Linghao, participated in the SCMP Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2023/24 co-organized by Sino Group and South China Morning Post Young Post on 2 January 2024. The students had submitted their articles earlier and were selected to receive more training. This year’s theme is “Climate Change and Marine Biodiversity”. On the same day, the students first participated in a writing workshop, where senior reporters from the SCMP taught interviewing techniques and shared tips on writing reports. After completing the workshop, the students went to the Coral REEFStoration Centre in the Marine Wonders of Hong Kong Ocean Park in the afternoon to participate in a guided tour to collect information for their reports. The "Sino Campus Journalist Project" targets local high school students and aims to train students to become campus journalists, improve students' writing skills and broaden their horizons. The students benefited a lot from this journey.

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