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伍少梅中學與教大合製英語學習手冊 助提升中小學生英文水平

承蒙優質教育基金資助出版經費,學校在英語教學上投放不少資源照顧學生的多樣性,本校英文科教師團隊與香港教育大學合作製作了以香港為背景的英語詞彙學習手冊——《A Word A Day 英語一日一詞學習手冊》及電子版,內容多元,題材涉及基本生活字詞、學校常用生字和句式,以及社區和時事相關的題目,並附有精美插圖和外籍老師語音教學。學生只需掃描各單元的二維碼,就可以聆聽相關生字及例句的發音,隨時練習標發音, 提升英語能力,在英文學習路上奠定基礎。

With the financial support of Quality Education Fund and the cooperation with The Education University of Hong Kong, it is to our delight that A Word A Day English Vocabulary Booklet can be published successfully. Learner diversity should not be an obstacle but an opportunity for educators to design appropriate means to help students learn. By scanning the QR codes for each chapter, audio and visual aids will be at their service in no time. Therefore, this booklet is specifically designed to serve as a useful self-directed learning tool.

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