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S3 to S4 Elective Subject Selection Parents’ Evening

In late April, our school held the Parents’ Evening about S3 to S4 elective subject selection. The event aimed to provide comprehensive understanding of the curriculum structure of New Senior Secondary (NSS) and the content of various elective subjects to parents and students. The event also allows parents and students to consider more about the relationship between elective subjects and students’ interests and abilities in the perspective of career planning. It also encourages parents and students to explore diverse career pathways.

The Parent Night was one of the significant activities to support S3 students in their subject selection. Other supporting activities include students using career planning assessment tools, attending electives’ introduction sessions and taster lessons during the Life-wide Learning (LWL) week earlier in March and experiencing some workplace visits.

S3 students can then evaluate their personalities and interested fields for future development through the assessment. By participating in introduction sessions and taster lessons, they can also understand more about the content and features of different elective subjects. Additionally, those workplace visits and experiences can enhance students’ understanding of the actual environment of different occupations.

Furthermore, from April to June, the school has been providing individualised career planning consultations to students, understanding their preliminary intentions and using the data collected earlier to assist them in exploring their aspirations. We hope our parents and students can make wise choices suitable for students’ subject electives through a series of strategies and activities.

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