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Mr. Khalid Majeed Kiani

I see teaching as both a privilege and a colossal responsibility. Teaching is the profession that has enormous potential to influence many lives and to participate in shaping our future generations. I view my role as an educator dedicated to help my students achieve their academic goals, become life-long learners and reach their maximum potential.

I think the student-teacher relationship must be established. This relationship is based on mutual respect and the recognition of boundaries. Without an environment in which the student feels their role in the classroom is important, that student will not play an active role in the learning process. Similarly, the students must have respect for the teacher if they are to engage in the learning process. It is the responsibility of the teacher to establish this two-way relationship through acknowledgement of the students and creating a space for learning.

I provide my students with an environment in which they feel safe asking questions or volunteering relevant information. In my classroom, it is acceptable to be wrong, slower or less knowledgeable than others about a particular subject. I encourage my students to be themselves because I think that learning is facilitated when you are being honest with yourself and others about your weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, I strongly believe that it is from mistakes that we learn most.

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