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I see education as a socialization mean for students to get themselves prepared for upcoming challenges in the society. I, as an educator, aim to nurture students to become mature individuals who can think independently, critically and creatively in this ever-changing world. To better cope with the millennium era, education in my opinion shall be more dynamic and interactive which can be executed in various contexts, for instance ranging from writing a tweet, sharing a post on the Internet to making their own play on stage. Rather than conventional and rigid ways to go after model answers, I always remind myself to think out of the box for students to learn better English and make what they learnt relatable and applicable in their real-life settings.

“The future is yours to create” is a saying that I reiterate a lot to my students. I believe I am not solely a “teacher” but also a companion and a friend of them. I always emphasize on building a strong rapport with students so that they would have no obstacles stepping out of their comfort zone. Whenever they face challenges and failures, teachers and the school would always be his/her last resort. As a result , school is always the best institution for students to discover and excel their unlimited potentials and live a better life.

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