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I like teaching simply because I would like to make a difference in someone’s life. It is understandable that teaching is not just about the direct transmission of knowledge. Teaching is a meaningful job in which I can help youngsters explore their interests and goals of life, and establish long-life skills. Meanwhile, I deeply believe that each individual has his own potential. What they need is an opportunity for them to shine. In my personal philosophy, we teachers should create this opportunity to make things happen.

Moreover, teachers should create a positive environment for students. To do this, I may actively demonstrate the values I realize in each student’s ideas and encourage them to respect the perspectives of others. By treating each student with respect and maintaining mutual respect between students, a classroom feeling of dignity and trust will ensure greater student participation.

Finally yet importantly, every student has a different learning style. It is my responsibility to utilize various teaching strategies in an effort to reach each student. Using different teaching approaches will provide me students with multiple means of learning. I must remain conscious of my students’ diverse learning styles and refrain from teaching with methods that only benefit those learners whose styles reflect my own.

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